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Be Prepared for the Rise in Mother’s Day Shoppers, Online and Offline!

Be prepared for the Rise in Mother's Day Shoppers-Blog

According to Bing Ads and the Yahoo Network: Mother’s Day is the third largest retail holiday in the US behind the Christmas holiday season and back-to-school. It was expected in 2014 that 28.5% of people would do their Mother’s Day shopping online. The most common techniques used to entice shoppers included free shipping (55%), price cuts (44%) and coupons (41%). 87% of people celebrate Mother’s Day, and the average person spends $169. In 2013, $20.7B was spent on Mother’s Day spending, up 11.3% over the year before. 2/3 of US Shoppers will look to boutiques and small retailers to Mother’s Day gifts.   What does this mean to retailers: Make sure your website has been optimized specifically for Mother’s Day. If you’re an eCommerce website, start thinking about how to drive more people to your site around Mother’s Day to purchase from you rather than a competitor. If you are a local business with a store, ensure you have a string online presence to drive foot traffic into your location.   Make sure your website has been optimized specifically for [...]

49 Mobile Search Stats for 2015

49 Mobile Search Stats for 2015-Blog

With some massive changes transpiring in Google with regards to mobile, we have compiled some interesting mobile search related stats that you may find interesting.  Google “M Day” (Mobile-egeddon Day) is coming tomorrow, April 21st as Google is launching an update to their mobile search results. In a previous post I discussed the ABC’s of Organic Search for 2015, and you guessed it “M” is for mobile. Mobile – 2015 is the year where mobile search activity surpasses desktop search activity.  If you’ve not carved out your mobile strategy in 2015 you are already behind. With Google set to expand mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal on April 21, 2015, the time is now to be optimizing for mobile. According to reports from eMarketer, globally speaking, mobile traffic is about 30% of all internet activity. I don’t see that number going down anytime soon. Do you? As a result you should be taking measures to ensure that your site moves to being a responsive site, which means ensuring that the same HTML is being sent to all devices using CSS to alter the [...]

The ABC’s of SEO & Organic Search for 2015

The ABC of SEO and Organic Search for 2015-Blog

Lots of chatter out there in recent years about SEO being dead and that SEO is on the outs.  Well that topic is debatable but one thing is for sure, SEO is definitely undergoing a metamorphosis. The tactics and strategies that marketers were using a few short years ago are no longer proving to be effective. Add in some major changes to Google’s algorithms and you can see how “search engine optimization” is really maturing and morphing into a more performance driven marketing channel. Organic Search is evolving beyond traditional SEO and is moving into a more semantic, conversational type of engagement. And it really, at the end of the day, is about engagement. We thought that it would be fun to look at the ABC’s of SEO specific to key topics that are relevant for organic search in 2015. An A to Z of how to establish, maintain and enjoy organic search success in 2015 and beyond. Authority – that is being an authority in your industry. Preparing useful content that makes you stand out against your competition. Building [...]

Tips and Tactics to Improve Digital Search Strategy for Finance/Insurance Providers


Last year, Mediative published a widely-shared research study on the ever-changing Google results page and how this affects businesses. In the study, we talk specifically about the findings that relate to businesses in the finance and insurance industries – including national providers, and local.   Check out the articles below. Included are tactics that can be implemented to improve your search strategy. For example, ensure you have individual web pages for every physical location that you operate from, and optimize each one for regional modifiers (city, street, etc.): National finance and insurance providers Local providers  


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