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Real Estate – Acquire New Customers With a Good Website


Real Estate companies rely heavily on their website as a source of potential new customers – is your website up to scratch? When it comes to digital marketing, nothing is more important than your website.  To make your website an effective revenue or lead generator, you must make it easy for customers to connect to your products or services. Mediative’s Website Usability Checklist continues to be one of our most popular eBooks – 30 quick questions to assess your website, followed by tips and advice on how to make improvements.   Check out this example of a website optimized for user experience:   Download the free checklist for more hints and tips!  

4 Handy Metrics for Organic Search & SEO in 2015

4 handy metrics for organic search & SEO in 2015-blog

If you have been participating in digital marketing for long enough, you are well aware of the various metrics and performance indicators that you can use to measure the success of your campaigns. From an Organic perspective alone, there are a plethora of metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that you can report on to show the progress of your campaign. In a slightly simplified manner there are really three areas of measurement that directly measure organic search/SEO performance: Traffic – or more importantly how people arrived on your website.  SEO is about driving traffic to your web properties. (#omg) Engagement – that is how people are interacting with your content after arriving on the site. Conversion/Goals – consider this the “endgame” that is the action that you want the user to take after and upon visiting your website? Are you looking for them to register for a newsletter, make a purchase, call a call center or download a PDF? For those users of Google Analytics, Google refers to these three segments as Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions. In a recent [...]

How Can Real Estate Companies Effectively Reach Home Shoppers?


Are you a Real Estate company, wanting to reach home shoppers in the market to purchase right now? Instead of randomly placing ads in front of people, hoping they are in the market for what you are offering, why not consider targeting advertising specifically to people who are actively looking for your product or service?  A real estate developer used Mediative’s “Movers“ tribe (an aggregation of users looking for homes for sale, property insurance, storage facilities, real estate brokers etc.) in conjunction with geo-targeting, to pinpoint people who were in the market for new housing, achieving a 157% higher than standard CTR on their online ads. Learn more about how Mediative’s Audience targeting solution allows you to reach particular audience groups based on their purchase intents, rather than advertising on demographic data alone: http://bit.ly/19xPjwN  

Tips and Tricks for Not Getting Caught Forgetting Valentine’s Day

Tips and Tricks for not Getting Caught Forgetting Valentine's Day-Blog

It’s February 14th. Your significant-other excitedly hands you a gift and says “Happy Valentine’s Day”…then looks at you, hopeful for something in return. But you have nothing. You have forgotten that it’s Valentine’s Day. But instead of just admitting you have forgotten, you say the first thing that comes to mind. “I’m taking you out tonight for dinner”.  And then you sneak off to the computer and start ferociously Googling. Where are you going to find a restaurant that has availability tonight – on Valentine’s Day! Mediative recently conducted an eye-tracking study looking at the changing Google search engine results page (SERP), and how this causes people to search. We asked participants several Valentine’s Day themed questions, and from these results we can help you solve your forgetful dilemma with the maximum chances of success – and by success, I mean avoiding the doghouse! In our study we asked the following question: “Imagine that you’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day and you want to find a restaurant for dinner before a movie. Use Google to find a restaurant near the [...]


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