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Infographic – Canadian Automotive Industry Benchmarks


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Social Media: What we can learn from 2014 and what is up for 2015


Last week, I was lucky to attend the OMG Social Media conference in Vancouver, the aim of which was to simplify social media for businesses, by giving them tools and tips to be more competitive in the social marketing world. For an overview of the key takeaways from the conference, read this article by Rebecca Maynes. There were many great sessions presented that day, including a panel on social media trends in 2015. The panel featured Bosco Anthony (@boscoanthony), Sunny Lenarduzzi (@SunnyLenarduzzi) and Conner Galway (@Conner_G), and was moderated by the great Damon Holochak (@DamonD). So, according to these social media experts, what worked, and what didn’t work, in 2014, and what should we pay attention to in 2015?   What We Can Learn from 2014   Adaptive and Responsive Content is Popular This year, brands got more creative with customized content, adapting to the different platforms on which the content is shared. Creating and sharing great, visually appealing content, and building a unique strategy for each of your social channel remains critical to be successful on social media. Be [...]

Social Media is all about your “why”, not your “what” or “how”


 Tweet this Online Media Generation’s OMG Social Media Conference took place on November 20th downtown Vancouver, and with a packed 8-hour schedule it looked to be a promising event – and certainly didn’t disappoint. The recurrent theme throughout the day was WHY do you do what you do. Not WHAT, and not HOW (because, nobody really gives a s*&!), but WHY. What is the purpose of your business? One of the opening questions was, what is the ROI of social media? The answer, what is the ROI of your socks!!? It’s something you just have to do. It’s expected. Perhaps a better question would have been, what is the potential loss of revenue by not being on social media? What revenue are you missing out on by not having a strong social media presence? A recent case study shows how $60k in incremental revenue was earned by a Fortune 500 company – $60k they might not have earned had they not had such a strong social presence.   Culture and storytelling – the key to building an amazing brand Culture is [...]

How Does the Changing Google SERP Affect Different Types of Businesses?


Over the past few weeks we have posted a 10-post blog series focusing on the changing nature of Google’s search engine results page, and how searcher behaviour has changed accordingly. The blogs were based on Mediative’s latest research project, “Google’s Evolving Results Page and The Impact on Your Business” which can be downloaded for free. In case you missed any of the previous blogs, you can access them again here: Google’s Algorithm and Search Results Page Have Changed Significantly Since 2005 The Carousel The Knowledge Graph Box Local Listings Right Rail – Map and Knowledge Graph Sponsored Text Listings Organic Listings But what do all these changes mean to the SERP mean for businesses?   I’m a national advertiser – what does this mean to me? For smaller brands trying to compete, consider other online and offline channels to build your brand name, or advertise niche products where competition will be less Paid search campaigns are essential to generate brand reach and direct traffic when there’s high competition for a top organic ranking.  Structure your campaign around a competitive advantage [...]


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