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Is Keyword Research Dead?


We know that Google is working on creating a smarter search engine.  We have started to see the next frontier in Search.  Probably one of the most seismic shifts that we have seen Google make is on how they handle keyword queries.  This was most evident with their Hummingbird update where there is a shift from “typed” queries in Google to more of a conversational search.  So the question becomes, do keywords even matter any more in the Hummingbird world? It’s a good question.  From my perspective, keywords will always matter, but if we look at the historical efforts of the search engines and how they interpret keyword queries, there has been a fundamental paradigm shift.  This is something that I (and others in the industry) have been stating for a while now.  In fact, just under a year ago I wrote a piece on The Future of Keyword Research in Organic Search where I outlined three thoughts on keyword research in the future: Keyword research is all about user intent Keyword research is continuous Semantic Search is the future The historical [...]

Traffic: The Kind You’ll Love


Freeways, rush hour, and gridlock; three things we’ve come to avoid in our adult lives…so is there a good kind of traffic? Traffic to your website of course! The key to online digital success lies in thinking like your customers and responding to how they behave online. It’s not enough to simply build a website and hope customers will come. • Your site must be visually appealing and user friendly. • You need to be visible on the search engine results pages. • You need to extend your reach beyond those people who already know you.   So How do you do that? All digital marketing efforts are secondary to the performance of your website at the core. Once your website is fully optimized for effective conversion generation, you can concentrate on bringing more traffic to the site by performing search engine optimization, nurturing the leads who know you via re-targeting and social media and using display ads to increase your visibility. Each of these strategies can work independently of each other, but none will be successful if your website [...]

55 Ways to Enhance Your Content In 2014


If you have been conducting any type of digital marketing over the past few years, the one item that you should have become very intimate with is your content and more importantly, the need to produce high quality content.  The fact of the matter is that content is the lifeblood of your website.  It’s the message from your content that helps educate users about your brand, your products and services and most importantly, how you can solve their problems.  Content marketing is not something that is new to marketers; I mean advertisers have been doing this for years.  What is new is the digital marketplace and how the ability of people to consume content has changed.  In the digital age, we have access to copious amounts of data and content like never before. The good folks over at b2bmarketinginsider.com produced a great list of some content stats that you might find interesting.  Here is but a sample: 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day.  - AOL / Nielsen 60% of the buyer journey is complete before prospects reach out to vendors. [...]

Uncovering The Mysterious Purpose of Data


Lately, I’ve been addicted to murder mysteries. The bone-chilling kind of story that, when reading it, debilitates me from leaving my couch or bed as I’ve come to believe that a murderer (or zombie) is undoubtedly waiting for me around the corner. The big payoff; however, is the inevitable moment of the great murder mystery when the villain is uncovered, the plot-line divulged and all characters returned to safety. It makes little sense as to how addicted I have become to this medium because, yes, I understand that Santa isn’t real – and yes, I appreciate that even if he were, it is very unlikely that he would be driving around in an early-century Rolls Royce to kidnap the souls of children. The allure must be escapism. The last years of my professional life have been speckled with the challenge of delivering relevant advertising under the large promise of Big Data. The problem has been; however, that much like my (yes, trashy) murder mystery novels, we have been operating under the mystery of what this actual large promise is. We’ve [...]


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