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Google Local Search Algorithm Update – 2014


On July 24th, Google released a major local search algorithm update that impacts Google Maps and Web results.  Here’s a quick overview of the Google local search update. As with any major algorithm update it is still too early to tell what the exact impact will be, however there are various reports from searchers and online marketers as to what changes they are seeing thus far.  One thing to note is that this algorithm update has only been rolled out to US English results and has not yet been rolled out in Canada as of yet.  If you want to compare results, try running some local queries in Google.com vs. Google.ca.  Google is not releasing a lot of details on the update, but here are some of the observations that are being made: There appears to be less duplication of search results between local and regular organic search results.  It appears that this update will impact the amount of real estate that a business may be taking up on the SERP. Directory listings such as Yelp listings appear to have [...]

Putting the HyLoMo Pedal to the Metal


I’m no grease monkey. Nope, you’re far more likely to find me kicking back with a cool pint in a small time bar reminiscent of Cheers, or soaking in a few rays by the beach – Mojito in hand. Needless to say, I’ve always been a firm believer that you should take the time to enjoy the little things in life. It’s a little trick that I learnt from my Dad, whom learnt it from his father, and so on, and with a family track record of living 90 plus years, I’m not taking any chances – two more cervezas por favor! That being said, while I may be fairly clueless with a wrench – world-class flashlight holder though – cars have always been a big part of my life. I can still remember the moment my dad pulled into the driveway, engine roaring, as the 8-cylinder, cardinal red, convertible stallion found its new home. My Yaris, the Ferrari for students on a budget might as well have been a go-kart. My eyes were open and I wanted to see [...]

The Power of Digital Video Advertising


The 1990’s were undoubtedly eventful. Rachel from the hit series TV show Friends got engaged to Barry-who, let’s face it, is no Ross Geller, Ross and Carol conceived Ben, their adorable blond haired baby whom Monica concussed, and Joey and Chandler adopted a chick and a duck. I remember it vividly, sinking into the soft suede couch with my brothers and sisters eating all of the popcorn before I could even get a handful. Every day my siblings and I would fight for the remote- I mean really, it was like a scene from 300, we would scream kick and punch, but every Thursday at 8pm nobody said a word. It was our family ritual; after dinner my mom would make popcorn, not just the microwavable stuff, the stove made fluffy and buttery kind, my brothers would haul their duvet covers down the stairs so we could all keep warm, my Dad would handle the remote and all of the lights, and being the youngest my sister and I would snuggle up and keep the couch warm. Needless to say, [...]

Post View Conversions: An Important Display Advertising Metric


The use and validity of the post view conversion metric is a hotly debated issue in the online advertising space and, as with search, brings about the issue of attribution. Display is very different to search and therefore requires its own set of metrics. The major differences between search and display advertising can be analyzed by looking at the variation in the user intent across the different channels.   Question of intent With a search ad, the user has directly entered into a search engine a query, a direct intention to find information. The direct expression of the intent to find information translates into a direct response-style of advertising and therefore can be measured using direct response metrics such as a click. Since a search ad is at the intersection of a user’s intention and the content they seek, a click to get to that content is a valid metric, as it is a response to a question or implicit intention to find information. On the other hand, display ads typically appear on webpages where the user is engaged in [...]


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