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Top Searches Conducted in Google in 2014

What Did People Search for in 2014? What do Jennifer Lawrence, James Rodriguez, the iPhone 6, and ebola have in common?  They were all trending searched conducting in Google in 2014.  During this time of year I like to look back at people’s searching habits and try to gain a better understanding of what people searched for during the course of the year.  I find it fascinating to see what the masses are using Search for.  Search activity is impacted by what happens out there in the “real world”.  Remember the real works?  It’s that place where you used to go to converse with friends.  It’s that place where children used to go outside and ride their bikes… but I digress. 2014 was the year (depending on which report you look at) that mobile searches exceeded desktop.  The way people search has changed dramatically in recent years shifting to more real-time or mobile search activity away from traditional desktop search.  Searches are asking a lot more questions and as a result are typing in longer search queries.  However events in [...]

15 Predictions for Digital Marketing and Organic Search in 2015

Now typically I don’t like to make predictions for what is going to happen in Search for the simple reason that change runs rampant within the world of Search. What Google does today might not be what Google does tomorrow. So I thought it would be fun to ask Mediative’s Organic Search team about what some of their predictions are for 2015. Keep in mind that these are predictions based in part on what we have seen this year and where we think Google and Search in general is heading.  Changes in technology, evolving consumer search habits, and changes in how businesses approach their digital strategies are all going to impact how digital marketers map out their strategy for reaching their audience, promote their brand and generate leads and sales. If you want to succeed in the digital space in 2015, here are some things that we think you should be paying attention to: 1. Machine Learning begins to further impact search results – while we know that Google has a series of algorithms that determine why site “A” appears [...]

Top Key Predictions for Canada’s Programmatic Advertising in 2015


2014 has been a really interesting year, and looking back I feel as excited as any advertising aficionado that sees the imminence of the transformation that is about to happen. This makes me think that 2015 can only get better. As change is hitting different sides of the programmatic advertising ecosystem, mobile, data, pre-roll video and in-stream audio are taking new turns. Here are my key predictions for 2015: 1. Programmatic mobile advertising will continue to grow, but advertisers and marketers will become more and more precise in proving the value of this channel. Conversations will move beyond the CTR as a performance benchmark, and the holy grail of any retailer, the store visits, will become the new currency. Using technology and smart mobile real-time targeting, advertisers will be able to measure store visits lifts related to mobile advertising campaigns. A recent study shows that 1 in 10 mobile ad impressions in retail leads to a store visit. 2. Data will change the game for many publishers, as they will see the new revenue coming from this gold mine. More and more advertisers are moving [...]

Infographic – Canadian Automotive Industry Benchmarks


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