Infographic: Mobile Search Statistics in Canada

It is on everybody’s lips and it’s becoming the mantra of 2013 – mobile search in Canada is skyrocketing. As you read this blog post, 13.4 million Canadians currently have smartphones and they are using it to search the web every other minute.

In 2010 there were predictions about the penetration of mobile that would have been hard to believe. And yet, here we are, everything is already happening and even more.

By 2014, in Canada, more mobile phones will connect to internet than computers¹.

77% of the smartphone owners are using their devices to go on search engines, while 65% are prompting the social networking websites². Mobile is a part of their daily routine.

“Where am I going out for lunch today?” Is probably the question that pops up every day in their minds since 51% are looking for dining and restaurant information.

One in every three searches is location-relevant, meaning the people are looking for a “what” and a “where”, and this where Yellow Pages comes into play.


Mobile Search Statistics in Canada

Since the launch if the mobile platform in 2011, the YP mobile has evolved into one of the most appreciated mobile applications by the users and it’s been listed numerous times by ITunes in their Editor’s pick.

Downloaded by 5 million people, the YP mobile app delivers buyers: 4 out 5 mobile searches are followed up by a click, call or a visit.

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