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Taking a Closer Look at Bing Ads – SEMPO Search Summit 2013


On May 14th, Bing & SEMPO jointly hosted the second annual SEMPO Canada Search Summit. Topics included social media and search marketing, mobile search, Bing Ads product improvements, analytics, reporting, SEO audits & measuring SEO metrics. Mediative presented a controversial topic in comparing elements of Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords. Suffice it to say, the presentation was well received, even by Bing Ads representatives present on the day. In this roundup of the event, we will focus on Bing Ads. If you haven’t noticed, Bing Ads has been in the news a great deal of late and more importantly, the news has focused on a ton of new feature updates that Bing Ads has made.

The 5 Big Questions of Digital Marketing – Answered

One of the challenges in launching an effective digital marketing program is knowing where to begin and what to focus on in order to provide the most immediate return. Many marketers at all sizes of companies struggle with these types of questions:

1. How much traffic can I really get from search?
2. What is the best return on my digital investment?
3. How effective is my digital marketing program?
4. What things should I be focusing on first?
5. What will it take to become a ‘Best in Class’ digital marketer?

Keep an Eye on Bing Webmaster Tools

Last year’s Yahoo!/Bing merger increased the importance of optimizing for Bing, since the engine now accounts for additional market share. But optimizing for Bing has been a bit hard to do, partially because of limited functionality within the Bing Webmaster Tools interface. Bing Webmaster Tools got a facelift in the middle of last year that left it with minimal functionality. However, a few recent changes show there’s been some nice development with the tool. Bing has been particularly bad at handling duplicate content. Bing didn’t have the same parameter handling capabilities that you can find in Google Webmaster Tools, but that has improved quite recently. Released rather quietly by the Bing team, parameter handling is now available in their webmaster tools interface. The engine has yet to implement support for the rel=canonical tag or the cross-domain canonical, but word on the street indicates that canonical tags will be supported in Q1 or Q2 of 2011. Right before Christmas, Bing released a new feature allowing you to see incoming links to your site. The one note: Bing is only including links [...]

Significant new features from Bing

The Bing Search Summit was held yesterday in San Fransisco, and Bing announced a significant list of new features. Much of Bing’s strategy builds on the same principles as those presented during their 2009 Search Summit. In this post we’ll review the highlights of last year’s Bing Search Summit and take a look at the new features introduced this year. The keynote for the 2009 Bing Search Summit was Satya Nadella, SVP of Microsoft’s Online Services Division. At the time, Bing demonstrated its current state of search through the following graph, highlighting the problems people were having with Bing search (and even being apologetic for it): This data comes from Bing search and toolbar logs. Search sessions can also be quite intensive, with 5% of search sessions lasting longer than 30 minutes. Knowing this information means Bing knows it needs to improve. In its role as a decision engine, Bing’s job is to make a variety of information available in as few clicks as possible. Current features on the search engine, such as related searches and authoritative answers, are all [...]