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8 Resolutions for a Healthier Website this New Year

New Year is the time for resolutions. For many people, resolutions focus on health, fitness, diet and weight-loss. If you are anything like me, those resolutions will last maybe a week or two before the bad habits start to creep back in. So this year, along with your own diet and health resolutions, why not make a resolution to improve the health of your website. These 8 tips will help get your website into good shape, and with a little on-going maintenance, it will stay that way.


15 Tips & Ideas for Optimizing Your Website for the Holidays

$43 Billion.

That’s how many dollars passed through e-commerce in Q4 of 2010 (comScore). And the prediction is that consumers will spend more than that during the holiday season in 2011.

Are you ready?


imarkscore: a new Canadian index measuring the perception of a brand’s interactive presence in the market

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the 5th edition of webcom, where the HEC e-commerce research group officially launched imarkscore index; measuring the quality of the digital initiatives of enterprises. The imarkscore index allows you to analyze the performance, on a scale of a possible 100, taking into consideration the enterprise’s website, social media activities, search engine rankings, as well as the mobile site and applications. This scoring will allow enterprises to compare themselves against their competitors, an excellent opportunity to more strategically position themselves in their market. Methodology and Results The study was supervised by Sylvain Senecal and Sol Tanguay, and it was based on the opinions of 5,950 Canadian (the majority from Quebec) internet users, that critiqued the digital initiatives of 85 enterprises, coming from 15 different industries, such as Furniture, Car Insurance, Retail, Electronics, Real Estate, and Financial. The 85 enterprises that were chosen had to be part of the top 500 companies from “La Presse Affaires” (a French news publication), they also had to have a B2C business structure, and they [...]


9 Tips & Ideas for Optimizing your E-Commerce Shopping Cart for the Holidays

Shopping cart abandonment sucks, especially around the holiday season. Nobody gets a warm and fuzzy “sitting by the fire with a delicious mug of cocoa” feeling when customers go crazy adding products to their cart only to leave your site halfway through checkout. Get the most out of your e-commerce shopping cart and checkout process this holiday season with these tips and ideas: 1. Reduce Risk Before customers even get into your shopping cart, make sure that they’ve been exposed to clear messaging about price matching, best price guarantees, and shipping and return policies. Reiterate this messaging in the shopping cart and during the checkout process. 2. Up Front Pricing One of the leading causes of cart abandonment is the sticker shock that comes along with getting to the last page only to discover $18.67 worth of taxes and soul-crushing rush shipping costs (let’s admit it, we waited too long to get regular shipping in time for the holidays). Calculate taxes and shipping as early as possible in the checkout process. Let customers input their postal/zip code to get an [...]


Is Your Company Web Site Ready for The Season?

It’s that time of year when retail kicks into overdrive and many businesses will make or break their whole year based on what happens in the next few weeks. If your website makes it easy for customers to quickly get the information they need, it can be a competitive advantage and contribute to a business getting its share – and then some – of the season’s business. Make sure your company’s website is ready to do its part in contributing to your retail marketing success this holiday season.
Here are some reminders about key features that customers will be looking for on your web site.